TPC Travel

If traveling is your thing, then you’re on the right page. Here you can find the highlights of some of the places that I have visited, and even the place that I call home.

  • New York – Yeah, yeah, there’s the city with all it’s bright lights and whatnot, but people tend to forget about the state’s natural beauty. There’s the Secret Caverns’ underground waterfall and there also the John Boyd Thatcher State Park which is gorgeous! But lets not also forget, the Niagara Falls is in New York too, people!
  • Italy – Believe me when I say, there’s no pizza better than genuine Italian pizza, it’s been at 10 years and I still remember the taste. Also, the ruins of Pompeii are amazing to learn about, as well as explore, but LAWD does it get hot.
  • Panama – You might not be interested in boats, or even technology, but you’d still love the Panama Canal and there’s a lot of history behind it too. Plus they have this little model where you can push the buttons and be all technical.