TPC Picks

So, just a little background on my life. I’m sort of a nerd, for as long as I can remember, I love books. Even now I can remember spending summers in Miami where my Aunt Clythe would take me to Barnes and Noble where we’d be like kids in a candy store. We were actually just adult & kid in a bookstore, but it was still fun. I’d leave the bookstore with about 3 Scooby-Doo books and sit down and watch the episode that correlated with the book, while I read along. From then I had a firm belief in the saying that the book is always better than the movie. I should blame my aunt for enabling such an addiction to become so real, but rather than blame I thank her. Thanks to summers like that, I now pass English and have donated about half my books to the school library, yet my bookshelf is still full and my addiction is still growing strong.

Now, I’m also a dork for history, which probably stems from the fact that I loved reading. Due to my love of history, coupled with my mom’s love to travel, I’ve been to so many different places and learnt so many things. Every summer my mom tries to ensure that we visit a new place, because there’s something unique about each place and I’m not only talking about the history but also the things you can do there and eat there. And it’s from trips like that that have caused me to realise that the world is so diverse and there are so many things it has to offer.

Don’t you love a good movie? Combine the fact that many books are being made into movies along with the fact that many movies are based on historical events and you can understand why I’m such a movie fan. Plus there’s also that my dad owns a lot of movies, is addicted to surround sound, and loves AppleTV, because he can rent movies whenever he wants, all on my card.

I adore movies and I have loads of favourites, just like how I have favourite books and favourite places to visit. The TPC Picks tab is all about my favourite things and if you just go to the sub-tabs, you’ll find all my favs and might see something that interests you, so go check it out.