TPC Movies

Well, hello there movie fans! This page is a list of the movies that I love as well as movies that I hope to love (I literally have a list of about 30 movies I want to watch, on my phone right now) and this list like the ones for TPC Books and TPC Travel will continue to grow over time.

  • National Treasure and National Treasure: Book of Secrets – Who doesn’t love Nicolas Cage? Like, seriously? Plus like I said earlier, I’m addicted to history, plus this has adventure!
  • The Librarian Series – Did I tell you that with my love for history comes with a love for myths and folklore? Well this series is what satisfies my cravings and you really should watch it because it even has a little romance. Also, for my Twilight fans, vampires are in the third installment.
  • The Mummy Series & The Scorpion King Series – I put these two together because it’s basically like the same franchise except one is a prequel, then they branch off and whatever. Anyway, just like the two above, there are historical references and lots of action which equates to a happy cheebra.