(Very) Late Post: Giants in Liverpool

So I have quite the treasure trove of posts that I’ve written up which have never seen the light of day. I wish I could provide a reason why this is the case, but there really isn’t one.

Anyway, it seemed unfair to be holding on so tightly to these posts and never sharing them. Which is why I am now starting up my (Very) Late Post Series. This one in particular is one of my favourites, and has been gathering dust since October. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this whole series of me going back in time, because like my Playing Tourist Series, this might be a regular occurrence.

Well, this is TPC of July 2019 signing out and giving TPC of October 2018 the spotlight, enjoy!

Let me just say that I am absolutely exhausted. Running around Liverpool trying to catch a bunch of giants is no joke.

Reading those two lines without the proper context, it kind of sounds like I got flung into a remix of Jack and the Beanstalk. I didn’t – though to some extent, yes there was a boy and a giant man involved, but that is all unrelated to the childhood story we all know.

What actually happened is that Liverpool was descended upon by a number of giants from France for the last time ever. That’s a pretty big deal, now mind you, I didn’t know a single thing about the Giants until my mom told me about them. However, the second I heard that super-sized puppets were coming into my city and for the final time (they apparently did this a lot), I was hooked.

Now the first time I stumbled upon them, it was accidental. My phone was half past dead, I had just rushed out of Tesco with some groceries, and quite frankly, your girl was tired. Nonetheless, I was determined to stick through it and wait to see something “Fee Fi Fo Fom” down Duke Street. After a solid 45 minutes, plus hearing someone say that this was a three-day event, I went straight home.

On Saturday though, my friend Kelly came to Liverpool for the day, and whenever Kelly’s here, we have to do something. He didn’t know about the giants until I told him, but the second we saw crowds of people running outside and the sounds of a drumline, we flew down the stairs and went in search of these puppets.

The atmosphere and the energy was amazing, and just seeing the work behind making the puppets move was beyond awesome. I’m sure Kelly and I ran around City Centre several times. My Fitbit even calculated over 20,000 steps!

The experience was so much fun and really made me appreciate Liverpool for the Capital of Culture it is. There’s always something going on here and I can’t wait to see what else I’ll be experiencing while I’m living here.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and the videos I took..

…and I’m wishing you all love, peace and happiness

the pink cheebra

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