Playing Tourist…on a Work Permit?

Y’all, guess where I’m typing from?


Yes, Bermuda. The very place at the tip of the mysterious triangle – and my home base for the next 8 weeks.

**Also little side note: the picture is of my view from my apartment!

Mind you, I’ve only been here for a week, meaning that I have had only one-day’s worth of purposely getting lost. However, during that one day – as well as the additional couple hours in total that I’ve spent outside – I can most definitely say that I love the place. Before coming to Bermuda I was warned of a number of things:

  1. The place is expensive.
  2. The people here sound a lot like the people in my native Grand Turk.
  3. The people here also look like many of the people I know from home.

Within the past week, I can confirm that all of this is true. The place is very expensive, how-ev-er, coming from a country where a pack of trail mix can get past $10, seeing the prices here did not blow my mind. Oddly enough, the prices actually made me feel even more at home. Nonetheless, my mind was blown the first time I heard someone here say the word “bag.” Those from TCI would know that it is not surprising to hear the word “bag” be pronounced kind of like “beg,” but coming to a country miles away from home and hearing the same thing, a girl was shook. Adding that to me seeing more than enough people who reminded me of people from Turks and Caicos, it honestly feels like I left home to go to a more developed version of Grand Turk.

Now, I suppose that I should give an explanation as to what has caused me to spend two months in a place that I’ve never been to before (and on a student budget at that!) Obviously, you read the title and saw that not only am I gearing up to play tourist in yet another country, but that this time, I’m doing so as an official work permit holder. Simply put, I’m an intern for Digicel, an amazing telecommunications company here in the Caribbean (fun fact: Bermuda isn’t in the Caribbean). However, this is not my first experience working with Digicel as I previously completed an internship back home after my first year in A Levels.

Nevertheless, this time is a lot different from the first. I’m actually a part of a group of 11 interns, all of whom are Irish except for two (including myself) and we are spread across Digcel markets in St. Lucia, Cayman, Jamaica and of course, Bermuda, where I am the only intern. As this is an official programme, we were all in Jamaica for Orientation Week. Being able to meet the other interns and the people who work at Digicel HQ over there was so much fun and it put a lot of things into perspective about what I hope to gain from this internship.

Beyond that, I am lucky enough to have been placed in a team of people who are really big on personal development and want to make sure that I leave Bermuda feeling accomplished. In that same token, I’ve also got someone keeping me accountable for working on my blog, so we’ll see how that one goes.

I’m excited to see how these next 8 weeks go, and even more excited to share my adventures with you all, so keep an eye out!

love, peace & happiness

the pink cheebra

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