I’m Still Proud

If you watched the Olympics Friday night, you would’ve seen that in the Men’s 4×4 relay, Great Britain placed first, but was later disqualified. Then if you stayed tuned into that drama all the way to the next day, you would’ve known that they appealed for the disqualification be overturned, however, that appeal was denied.

In my last post, I mentioned that a young Turks and Caicos Islander by the name of Delano Williams would be in that race as their second leg. I also mentioned that people all across the TCI would be glued to televisions watching this great moment in TCI sports history.

We cheered, screamed and even cried at the events that took place within the span of mere hours.

It was almost like a movie: yes, our golden boy helped his team WIN…no, how could they have possibly been disqualified…yes, their appeal was accepted…no, it was denied. The roller coaster of emotions that occurred were just so crazy that even now as I type this tears are swelling up in my eyes.

Were we disappointed that they were unable to get into the finals? Of course we were, but in that same breath, the TCI has probably never been more proud and unified in my entire life and that alone trumps any disappointment I had.

Can you imagine? Someone from the TCI ran in the Olympics and gave his team the push that they needed in order to win and guess what? They won. At the end of the day, the disappointment lasted for a couple of hours, but I can promise you that the TCI will hold onto the pride that we felt for a very long time.

I truly hope that people of the TCI have realised that Delano has set an example. In fact, he’s proof that Turks and Caicos has way more to offer than we give credit for. He’s proof that we as a country need to ensure that our youth get the opportunities they deserve because that’s exactly who they are, OURS, and they have the ability to do some pretty amazing things (for example, competing in the Olympics). That’s we own and at the end of the day, no people should love you and care about you more than your own people.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m in agreement with the hundred other islanders on my Facebook page who are fully expecting a grand extravaganza when Delano returns because he has earned it and deserves it & as a country we need to celebrate because even without a medal, he has still managed to make us the proudest dot on the map.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to Delano because he has given me one of the most memorable and emotional nights of my life and I cannot wait to lose my voice during the Summer of 2020. Well that’s all I have to say for now folks!

Love, peace & edge control (happiness)


the pink cheebra


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