Where Should I Go For University?

Hey loves! So as you guys know, I recently completed my first year of A Levels. This means that in a year, I’ll be leaving TCI. This also means that in September, I’ll be starting the applying to universities process.

However, the whole university search thing has not been as easy as tv implied. I never grew up with a dream university, and couple that with my chronic indecisiveness, not a beautiful combination. PLUS let’s consider the fact that my parents are quite different people. While my father is cheering “U-S-A!” my mother is consistently speaking on the benefits of going beyond America, because, let’s face it, TCI has become quite Americanised.

So my options get as detailed as follows:
The United Kingdom
The United States of America

Detailed enough for you? No? I didn’t think so. But that’s all that I have at the moment.

The issue is a simple one though: I just can’t decide. The pros and cons that I found for each are so evenly balanced that it is no wonder why I’m a Libra. Basically, England is great, but at the same time it isn’t. Whilst USA is blehh, but at the same time it’s yaay.

Have I gotten any clearer as yet? Probably not. Which is why I wrote A LIST! *Pause for dramatic effect* Well, originally, it was a spidergram, but I like lists more so I made it into a list!

So let’s begin our discussion with the pros and not-so-pros of Inglaterra. My Spanish teacher should be proud I remembered that. Anyway, let’s get down to it, starting off with the pros:

  1. I can continue driving on the left! Possible that I won’t drive at all though, but still… ~benefit~
  2. I may just find my Prince Charming, who may actually be a real prince! C’mon, think about it “Princess Loren Ashley” I like that.
  3. I get to experience all the seasons, something I’ve been dying to live in. However, the everlasting showers may dampen my parade.
  4. I wouldn’t have to take the SATs, I’m in my final year of A Levels, so once I’m done, it’s a bee-line straight to uni.
  5. I’ve had dreams of waking up and knocking on my friend’s door and just saying “Let’s go to Paris for the weekend!” and then we go. But maybe, just maybe, it won’t really be that spontaneous if we’re in like Texas or something. I mean, unless we’re going to Paris, Texas, of course. You get what I’m saying.
  6. Also, if I go to certain parts of England, I’m basically gonna be in a little TCI, which is great cause I love feeling like I’ve got a home beyond home.

But hold up, what a minute, let me put some cons in it! And now onto the cons:

  1. Its so FAR. All that flying time. Plus, what if I end up super sick? I rather my mom take a 1 hour flight to get to me than an 11 hour one. Get what I’m saying?
  2. I’ve only been to England once and I really don’t know if my soul blends well with that place. **hint: maybe someone should take me there for a vacation so that I can find out**
  3. Time difference isn’t fun if the people you care about are on a different time zone to you. This is something that I learnt in the past year, when majority of my conversations are being held with people who are in different time zones to me. Needless to say, I’m tired.


But hey, USA isn’t all potatoes and gravy either…however, we’ve gotta look at the pros first because its fair:

  1. It’s close to homeeeee. I like that, I need to feel like I’m near the motherland. Plus I’m comfortable in the US of A. I rather be in a place I’m comfortable than somewhere where I feel like a stranger.
  2. I can still experience the different seasons, just depends on the state. So really, it’s a tie for both places on this one. Also, I’ve always wanted to experience a spring break and in certain states, I know a lot of people, therefore, that’s a ~bonus~
  3. TACO BELL AND CHIPOT-YAY. Every Loren’s dream obviously. Plus, if I go to Jersey, there’s a Cosi restaurant right next to the mall where Jimmy Neutron (the nickname for this guy who gave me a free slushy last year, I never learnt his real name, but I was convinced we were going to get married) works at Taco Bell.
  4. I enjoy sunlight. I may complain about it a lot, but I love it. SoFlo has sunliggghhhht.
  5. I love American History, where better to learn and see things related to it than in ~America~
  6. They have majors and minors, this means I can major in International Business and minor in Spanish. Ahh a world of options is so beautiful. Don’t ya think?

Now the cons:

  1. My mother is not a USA fan, not like I blame her. Living in the UK would be a completely different experience from living in America, plus, she wants me to have adventures in life, with crazy travelling stories that I can tell my kids about.
  2. I’m not excited about driving there…they do it on the right & I’m only just getting used to staying on the left.
  3. Might be a little too close to home. Like yea, I know that I wanted to be near the ~motherland~ however, if I’m trying to get my butterfly on and break out of the protective cocoon my parents put me it, I’m gonna need some space. Also, I don’t really wanna end up being compelled to fly home whenever I’m homesick  just because it is super close to me.
  4. Finally, I’m not excited to do SATs and everyone is like “Loren, do SATs,” when the only thing Loren wants to do is go to sleep.

So, I think I’ve given enough detail at the moment, but really, I’m just going to continue looking at schools all over the place until I get down to a top 5…6 if I’m being extremely indecisive and hope for the best. If you do have any suggestions or reasons why a certain place might work better for me then let me know.

Also, side note: I heard that they’re are considering having majors and minors in the UK, but only a handful of universities are gonna test that out. Should be interesting to see how that unfolds.

Well, that’s all the ranting for now guys.

Peace, love & happiness

the pink cheebra

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