5 Things I Miss About High School

So, this morning, I was strolling through my old drafts and I noticed that I started writing this one exactly a year ago, however, I never got around to finish it, so I decided what better than to do it on the anniversary of the day that I started it. Like I said, a portion of this was previously written, so the part that was written a year ago will be in italics, whilst the parts from today will be in the regular font. Now, let’s get into it.

Okay, so yes, I haven’t been on my blog lately for obvious reasons: I’ve been doing exams and now I’m in what I call “Graduation Week” which is basically the week of my Valedictory Service, Prom and Graduation. So I have had a lot of time to sit back and think about what I could possibly say under such a title. Last Friday, I was able to really put things into perspective when my classmates and I sat around a bonfire and burnt all of our high school papers (probably the biggest joke out of this was that my friend Kelly burnt his Chemistry exam papers because he figured that he was finally done with Chemistry, but in actuality, September would show that this was not the case). It was in that moment that I fully realised that I was done with high school, I guess you can say that watching my Business papers go up in flames was really eye opening. Thus I have my 5 things that I’m going to miss about being in high school.

1. My friends. From my very first day in high school, my mom always told me that the friends I make in high school will be the friends I’ll have forever, and to be honest, she was right. The 20 other people who I’m graduating with aren’t just my classmates, or even just my friends, but they’re my family. I’m sure that sounds extremely cliché, but it’s the truth. When I first met this group of people, I’ll admit that we weren’t really close, but this final year together has truly been the year where we became a family and I’m forever grateful for it. Now a year later, I can say that I’ve lost touch with a few of my classmates, I think its only 3 of them, but in no way does that mean that I no longer have love for them. I still remember everyone’s middle names and birthdays and if I saw them today, I’d scream and attack them with a hug, cause that is what family does.

2. The simplicity of the homework. My gosh, when people were warning me about A Levels, I honestly thought they were exaggerating. Like in my head I was saying, “Yay, I’m no longer gonna do nine subjects! I’ll only have three!” Silly me for thinking less subjects was the equivalent to less work. However, those three A Level subjects turned out to amount to even more work than the nine I did at IGCSE.

3. Freedom. Don’t get me wrong, after getting my license, I’ve been floating like a butterfly with all this freedom. But I should mention that it has only been since my exams ended in May that I’ve actually been going out. Before that, my house was my best friend and I can remember all of the days, when I was in high school, that my friends and I spent going to the beach, having bonfires and even just relaxing at Turk Berry. However, that was significantly cut down the minute I got into the A Level Programme.

4. PE Class. Now, anyone in my class would think that this is the most ironic thing ever, considering that my friend Sasha and I spent most of our high school lives avoiding PE, but that’s honestly what I miss about it. PE was practically my venting session, and during that time, Sasha and I would talk about every and anything while pretending to actually getting some exercise, in my opinion, walking around the track while everyone else ran was really a work out. Plus, I really do miss playing dodgeball. I was the queen at that; my strategies and tactics had to be on point since I cannot catch, throw, nor run, however, I’m sure I got an A in dodging the balls.

5. Form time with Mr. Haynes. Let me tell you guys something: Mr. Haynes is the best form tutor ever. I remember our form time went from the wildest jokes to the most elaborate crying sessions. It was hilariously tragic how many times we got in our feelings in that classroom and I must say kudos to Mr. Haynes for putting up with it for four years. My favourite memory has to be when our Wednesday afternoon class topic was about people in our lives who are our role models and who we look up to. Half the class (really it was just all the girls) left the classroom washed away in tears & we actually had to take Rhiannon out of the classroom early because she was deep in Emotion Land.

Days like that where we cried and days where we laughed, or got really pissed off and were split into basically crews who were against each other, truly made my high school experience a memorable one. I even recall one day where the entire class decided they were just going to plank on the floor and the desks in the Business Room just because Mr. Connolly told Rhiannon and Daniella that they couldn’t do it outside by the benches; and the time that we decided to attack Janai with water balloons the day school closed, disclaimer: I didn’t throw any balloons, I only took the video (Lol, sorry Janai).

It was a wild, emotional and fun five years that I’ll always hold close to my heart, and yes, we were a crazy bunch, but then again, aren’t all families a little crazy?


Peace, love & happiness

the pink cheebra


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