Where Are Ü Now?

Hey loves, so yes, it has been about a century and a half since I’ve written anything and I’d be lying if I said I had not received a number of stern “talking tos” about that. Do I have an excuse? Yes, actually: LIFE. I was out and about busy making mistakes and learning from them so that when I returned to you guys, I’d have a lot more knowledge than I had when I started this blog.

Currently, I’m still in the TCI, still at British Collegiate and I’m enrolled in their A Level programme (I just finished my first year.) However, I think the most nostalgic thing of being back on this blog is the fact that I’m typing this in the very room where it all started: my school’s ICT lab. I’m also sitting two seats down from where I came up with the very name for this blog, two years ago.

Safe to say, much has changed; but at the same time, it hasn’t. I’m still the same Wikipedia-addicted, music-obsessed and “slightly” opinionated girl that I was when I first started this. But I guess you can say I’m not as naïve as I used to be, nor have I remained as shy or reserved about some of things that I’d say as I used to be, I am 17 after all (LOL).

I must say, that I do have great things in the works though, I still have posts stored up in my drafts that have yet to see the light of day and even though my mind set may be a little different from how it was back then, that doesn’t mean I’ll never post them.

But in all honesty, exciting things are happening in my life, one of which involves my school’s annual talent show in 2 weeks that I can absolutely not wait for. I’m also looking at universities now (something, my best friend and I have done for nearly 3 years now, but it’s getting a lot more serious). I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly what I wanted to do or even where I wanted to go, but I think that’s the beauty in it all. I can tell you that my dream is to own my own marketing company, but hey, who knows what that’ll change to in the next year or so.

Also, I’ve been doing quite a bit of spring cleaning in my life, and at this moment, I’m probably the happiest that I’ve been all year; which is understandable considering I started this year off by being subject to lies and a bad case of the chicken pox (a lethal combination). When I say I have a lot to share with you all, I mean A LOT, I’m also working on updating my blog as regularly as possible.

Anyways, just know that there is more to come & that more will come. It is summer after all. Also, did you like my reference to that Justin Bieber song? I figured it fit considering I’ve literally been singing it ever since I woke up & shout out to my old ICT teacher for playing some Rick James while I typed this (literally dying of laughter on the inside).

Well, have a beautiful weekend guys and look out for my next post.

Peace, love & happiness.

the pink cheebra

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