Playing Tourist: The Northeast States of America

Drum roll please! This is the post you’ve all been waiting for! The pictures that have been hiding in my archives for like 6 months. Summer 2014: New York Edition. So, last Summer I went to New Jersey, but I went on a road trip with my mom and dad to Niagara Falls (New York side), Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

On that trip I learnt a whole lot, like there’s a New York side to the Niagara Falls and that USA is actually super beautiful. So, some of you guys probably know that I have family in New Jersey, most notably, my older sister. In New Jersey, we got to stay in my uncle’s condo (which had the most beautiful view that I have ever seen, check out the picture of the Washington Bridge at sunrise below) and I got to meet my dad’s old roommate, my Uncle Lester, and his family. We went to this real cool Chinese place for dinner and afterwards we went to this place that had boba, which is the greatest thing in the world, I promise you – there’s this new frozen yogurt place here in the TCI called Turk Berry that has boba and its just the bomb-diggity. IMG_1056-2 Anyway though (that’s my new favourite saying), where we stayed in New Jersey was basically a 10 minute cab ride, 5 minute bus ride and 2 subway stops from New York, so we went to the Big Apple whenever we got the chance.

My dad had us on a wild goose chase searching for a gyro food truck that he saw 9 years prior. We stopped at like 3 gyro places, and in my opinion, none of the gyros I had was as good as the gyros I can get from Turks Kebab, right here in the TCI. My favourite is the #14 with fries, costs only $10 so if anybody wants to give me a random present then get me that, or just get me a pomegranate.

Okay, I’m getting off topic, we got to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but after walking around New York for what felt like FOREVER, my inner Negative Nancy started kicking in and I just got frustrated and wasn’t even feeling the whole art thing, which sucks because I love museums and I love art so it was a combination of the two, which I missed out on because I was being a poo face, but at least I got to see their Rose Garden with an amazing view. :/ Collage3 Oh well, I also got to go shopping in two of my favourite stores, Forever 21 and H&M, and let me tell you, the deals on that stuff was just ahh-mayy-zingg. I even got to use my debit card that I got as an early 16th birthday present and I went from $1000 to $10 real quick due to how much I was splurging on myself. I think it was the second day of being in New Jersey that we went on our road trip. My mom loves adventures and it was her idea to go on this cool little American history road trip.

Our tour guide was this cool Asian guy named Peter. Before our trip, we ate breakfast at White Castle, and my dad told me about his memories about White Castle, and I had these french toast sticks that tasted the BOMB. Like my mind was blown! I would love to have those again today.

Okay – getting off topic again – first day of the trip, we visited these underground caves with an underground waterfall in the middle of Buffalo I think, or near there. Collage4 And we visited the Niagara Falls just for a little bit, because it was getting late and we were out the whole day, but we got to see this little play about the falls and also got to see the falls at night and the next day we went back and spent maybe half the day there before going to our next stop.

At Niagara Falls we went on this boat ride called the “Maiden of the Mist” that actually takes you right next to the falls, and can I just say that there was nothing misty about that trip because once we got near the falls I swore I was taking a trip through a Category 5 hurricane. It was still fun though, and we also got to see where all that water goes after it takes it’s big drop.

We honestly got so much done in the span of time that we were on this trip, we even visited Fort Niagara, like no joke, the amount of sightseeing we did in such a short time baffles me. Collage5 Collage6 Collage10 Collage9 Collage7 Collage11 Collage12 Collage8 We also got to go on a like nature trail, that I swear was at least a mile and a half long, and all those stairs and bridges were truly worth it because it was just extremely beautiful. It made me remember that USA is more than just skyscrapers and highways, but that there’s still some natural beauty there. Collage13 110 Summer14 9469 114 Summer14 9502 The next day of the trip we visited Washington D.C., and I learnt that D.C. isn’t actually a part of just one state, which I think is pretty cool and we went on another boat ride (we went on a lot of boat rides during this trip), where we saw the Presidential helicopter, which I almost took a picture of, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted to. Also, I got to see the LINCOLN MEMORIAL, (memorial, dedicated to my favourite president) I literally ran up those stairs like a wild kid, ended up almost tripping twice but it was worth it to be looking up to the guy who I looked up to for at least 5 years now, plus we drove through Gettysburg and I literally felt like I was touching history. Collage14 125 Summer14_ We also went to the Vietnam War Memorial and I swear, I never felt so appreciative for something that many people wouldn’t think even involved me, because I don’t have American roots, but it was just eye opening; and what made it even greater for me was that there were actual veterans visiting the memorial that day. I believe they were from California and that was actually the first time they got to see the memorial, but gosh they were the sweetest of men and I really love elderly people because they’re like living history books, and it was cool because I had just studied the Vietnam War like a few months before that, at school. Collage15 Collage16 And of course, we visited the White House and the Capitol too. Collage17 We also visited the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, where I got to see the original Friendship 7 that landed in Grand Turk, here in the TCI (there’s a replica of it at the Grand Turk Cruise Center and in front of the airport there) and my dad got to indulge in his pilot dreams, and like any Grand Turk guy I know, the moment he saw the planes, his face lit up. Collage19 That same day we drove over to Philadelphia and I got to see the Liberty Bell and I felt like I was in one of the movies from the National Treasure franchise because of all the historical things I saw in a matter of three days made me feel like I was on a serious treasure hunt.Collage20 Philly was the last stop on our road trip and we returned back to Jersey the same night. I think it was 2 days later, my sister turned 25 so we celebrated her birthday with dinner on a yacht that took us around New York; and let me tell you, the scenery was beyond beautiful.Collage1 Collage2 Overall, I have to say that it was a great experience, I hadn’t been on that side of USA in almost 5 years, and I’m excited to see what my mom has up her sleeve for this Summer. I’m sorry I kept you guys waiting so long, but honestly, I don’t even have a really great excuse except school, but I’ve gotta go study now, because I’m currently in the middle of my mock exams. Hope you guys loved this post.


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