The Best Is Yet To Come

How it go bro?! So..right, I might have been MIA for a while but I’m back – and no, this is not when I say I’m back and don’t return for a century and a half – but I’m really back this time. I am once again in Blogging Club so now I can carve out my wonderful Fridays for you guys! We have so much to catch up on, like SUMMER!

Gee, I’ve been promising you guys pictures for the longest and I haven’t even processed them yet (since working at Paradise Photography, I can’t even post a picture without doing a little bit of tweaking to it) and the pictures from my birthday party were processed but there’s over 200 pictures and I have so many that I love, plus I posted them all on Facebook, so most of Turks & Caicos has probably already seen it, but I have to at least show a couple of them to all you guys who visit my blog and aren’t Facebook friends with me.

Also I’ve got a lot of pictures to post from Christmas that I HAVE to post because I have many family members who are practically threatening me to post them and well…my family is sorta on the crazy side of life.

Anyway, just know that I will be getting to you guys! Blogging Friday is back and I’ll try to do all of this before my mock exams (they start on the 18th of February). So much has yet to come, but I promise you, things are gonna be great.

My Blog-iversary just passed on the 10th and my dog turned 8 on the 9th, so it’s been pretty hectic this week and a lot has been going on in my life, like getting a debit card, which means constantly shopping online and having a huge haul of Forever 21 clothes that I think I’ll show you guys soon. Also, got a new camera lens for Christmas so beware of amazing pictures. This year is gonna be great, oh did I forget to mention, I’M GRADUATING IN 22 WEEKS xD Super Excited!

Anyway, I need to go to sleep, so look out for posts that are to come. Love you guys like crazy.


the pink cheebra

OH! Happy New Year by the way :)

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