My Internship at FortisTCI

Hey guys, so last time we spoke I was complaining about my procrastination and telling you about the mystical story of my birth; well, I don’t think I told you guys, but I wasn’t totally procrastinating because I was working (yes, that’s my excuse for not doing any revision). I was honestly working though, for the past four weeks I’ve been working at FortisTCI (for you guys who don’t know, that’s the electricity company here in Turks and Caicos) and it has been one of the best experiences that I could ever have.

I was a part of their Student Internship Programme and I was placed in the Corporate Communications Department. In that department there are two people, Dwyane and Talisha, they have been like older siblings to me ever since I got here, they kept me on for four whole weeks when originally, it was going to be two and for that I am extremely grateful. Those two have taught me so much, from how to have a conversation with someone over the phone (which I honestly hate doing, but thanks to Dwyane, every time that we might have needed to call someone, I had to do it) to learning about different text styles and time management – it still amazes me how those two manage to keep up with everything.

Within these four weeks I’ve been given the opportunity to visit FortisTCI offices in both North and South Caicos. I’ve also been able to sit in on meetings and get to see what exactly has to happen in order for events to be successful. I was able to get to take pictures, which as you guys know is my love, so being able to link my last internship to this one was great. Speaking of my last internship, when I was working with Paradise Photography in April, I actually came to the FortisTCI Headquarters here in Provo, with Christine, to have a meeting with Talisha and Dwyane, who would’ve thought that just 3 months later I’d be working with them. Also, on this internship, I got to see Frank since he was a photographer at FortisTCI’s annual Plenary Session.

Through this internship, I’ve been able to interact with so many people who I probably would have never interacted with if I didn’t come here, like that guy who was at the Plenary Session who questioned my weirdness just because I wanted to make the pens look attractive (not as weird as it sounds, I promise); Mr. Williams, who is one of the funniest people here and thinks that I look exactly like my mother, actually everyone here thinks that (I don’t see it); Eustacia & Kellie-Ann, who both have such amazing personalities; Mr. Musgrove, who would always say he’d see me tomorrow if it’s God’s will; Miss Sonia & Miss Judy, who have just been so welcoming to me since my first day here and the guy in the IT Department who said the book I was reading sounded interesting (I forgot his name, but he’s cool).

I was also introduced to food that I am totally in love with, like the Italian sandwich at IGA (I prefer it on Focaccia or Wheat Bread with black olives and no tomatoes) and Turks Kebab, this little restaurant when you’re going down to the Seven Stars roundabout, all my life I’ve passed that place and if Talisha and Dwyane had never taken me there then I would not know about this little gem in TCI, also the Red Smoothie at Lemon 2 Go is the best and so is the ginger lemonade and bean salad, and I would not have known that if they didn’t take me there also

This is honestly a bittersweet thing because, I really don’t want to leave this place, but I do want to go on vacation. I’m gonna miss the days when I would be so excited to feel the TCI sun on me because the office felt like a freezer, or the many times that Dwyane tried to get me locked in the stairway, and the times when Dwyane had made a highscore on a game that was practically impossible to beat, and my conversations with Talisha about life, and playing with the little blue squishy man that’s on her desk.

However, I’m extremely sure that this won’t be the last time I intern at FortisTCI because I’d miss this place way too much. So, from my desk and laptop here in the office on the second floor of the FortisTCI headquarters, I say that this experience was something that was beyond amazing for me and I’m forever gonna be grateful for it because this has helped me to narrow down what it is that I wanna study in the future.

In about 2 weeks, I’ll be in New York and I pinky promise that I’ll bring you guys some pictures, since it seems like its been a while since I posted any, and that’s all for now, *in my Dora voice* “Hasta luego amigos! See you soon!”


the pink cheebra


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