‘Cause I’m Hopeful…

Hey darlings! So as you guys should know, its summer! Yes, the season of bikinis and shades is finally back.

Now, I’m here thinking, “Girl, what are you gonna do this summer?” I mean, besides studying a bit (I’m graduating next year), I don’t really have any serious plans; and that’s where my title “‘Cause I’m Hopeful…” comes in.

I already know what’s happening withing my first week of summer, I’m going to a bunch of graduations, but what am I gonna do for the other 7/8 weeks? I want an adventure this summer, I want to make some crazy memories and take lots of pictures that I’ll look at in about 5 years time.

So, what am I gonna do?!

I really want a job, cause I need some money to make my summer dreams a reality and also cause that’ll give me something to do. I think I just want to have fun and do the stereotypical things that people do during summer, like going to beach parties and rolling round the place with my friends having the time of our lives, but, issue is that I happen to live in a place where only the tourists have fun and majority of my friends don’t have a car or a license.

In all honesty, my number one goal this summer is to occupy my time. I’m allowing myself a minimum of 7 days without doing anything productive. I pinky promise!

Now if I’m only giving myself 7 days of procrastination then that means that I have about 42 days to fill in with fun activities. Hopefully I’ll end up going to New Jersey to see my sister and go shopping in New York. Who knows!

Oh! I’ve just had the most wonderfulicious idea! I should make a summer bucket list! Yes! I will make a summer bucket list and its gonna be the bombdiggity so just wait on it!

Well, that’s all for now I think…I can’t wait to write up my bucket list!


the pink cheebra


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