Music…In My Opinion

My exams are over and during that time I had to suppress all my crazy emotions so that I could study. However, I’m near exploding and if I don’t say something soon then I’m going to be Mt. Vesuvius and the world shall be my Pompeii.

Anyway, I wanna talk about something that’s been really affecting me…MUSIC. Maybe it’s because my heart belongs to the era where “19” was the number that was at the start of the year. Don’t get me wrong, some songs from the 21st century are really good and I love them, but I believe that those artists created something by looking at what artists were doing in the past.

People like Bruno Mars have managed to merge the disco era with the jazz era as well as R&B to create something that’s mind blowing. Now, how about we compare an artist such as Bruno Mars to Chief Keef.

Chief Keef is…an interesting character. His music is also very deep, let’s think about his song I Don’t Like (I’m not about to put profanity on my blog but if you want, you can click on the song name to read the lyrics, just know that the second word is a curse word and so forth -.-“). Very deep isn’t it? Like you can seriously capture the meaning behind it right? Oh! Let’s also not forget about his little catch-phrase, “Bang! Bang!”  (Did you catch the sarcasm laced into this paragraph?)

Is this really what my generation has gone to?

But eh..maybe I’m being a little biased right? Comparing a rapper to a singer doesn’t seem really fair does it? So what about Mac Miller and Drake? I personally adore them and they’re both rappers of this century, plus their music is really deep. For example, Mac’s song Missed Calls  gets me in my emotions just as much as Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same does.

Or perhaps we can consider rappers like Wale and Kendrick Lamar who have the ability to make me question Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

*sigh* Honestly, my question is that if these guys can make some really good music, then why does the radio station constantly play songs that are only saying one pointless thing like, “Turn down for what?”

Maybe that’s just the 21st century; personally, I’m gonna stick to my music with “substance,” you know what I’m talking about, the music that made you feel a rush of emotions and brought back countless memories.

So, if you wanna take a look at some of the songs that I like to listen to, then I suggest that you back track a bit in my posts… or you can just Click Here to go directly to the post that I’m talking about.

Oh and if you guys checked my Instagram you’d see that I posted two videos from an Alice in Wonderland-themed party that I went to, the pictures should be on my blog in a few days so keep an eye out!



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