My Top 10 YouTubers!

Hey sugar plums! So you guys probably don’t know this but I have an addiction…its YouTube >.< I’ve had this addiction for roughly 3 years and I don’t plan on getting rid of it.

Well anyway, I decided that I should tell you guys of the YouTubers who I absolutely adore! So let’s begin this countdown, shall we?

Oh! Just click on their name to visit their channel! I promise you won’t regret it :)

10. PatDoesIt – NOODLE! He’s so funny and adorable that I just have to love him! His videos brighten my day..probably cause he’s weird and I’m weird (WEIRDOS UNITE!) If you just wanna laugh then visit his channel. I recommend his cold shower confessions by the way :)

9. Darmirra Brunson – This girl is HILARIOUS! I love her so much I cannot even explain. She’s super cool and does one of the best Beyoncé impressions I’ve ever seen. She’s an amazing actress as well, so check out her Gretchen Murdle videos too.

8. FunnSizeIndy – Her name is India and she is super duper cool, seriously. Most of my music I get from her videos, but anyway, she has this really chill vibe that I just love about her so go check out her videos!

7. Kingsley – If you haven’t heard about Kingsley then I suggest that you get from whatever rock it is that you’re under cause EVERYBODY knows Kingsley. He speaks his mind and who doesn’t love that?

6. ThatdudeMCFLY – He’s Jamaican and funny as funny can be! If you’re in the mood for some hilarious Caribbean based jokes then I suggest that you go click on his name up there and start watching!

5. MalisTglr – After searching across YouTube land looking for another person who’s videos I could enjoy, I came across this funny guy right here. He raps and makes me laugh so of course I love him :)

4. ThisIsACommentary – Have you never heard of Tré Melvin or Watermelondrea Jones? Oh, you haven’t? Well go click on that link right over yonder and watch a video or two…it’s okay, I’ll wait. Great isn’t he? Plus he’s super mega funny.

3. IISuperwomanII – Oh my frigalination! I love herrrrrr! Her impersonations of her parents have me on the floor ROLLING! She’s very straight up but she’s funny at the same time! I spend my days trying to copy her accent when she’s talking like her parents.

2. Latoya Forever – Team Crazieeee! This Trini gal right here! I love her and her boyfriend Adam (Baby Crazie is coming soon! xD) They are adorable! Latoya’s just amazing and funny in a crazy package, so if you’re looking for a reason to smile then check out her videos because she has a permanent smile on her face.

1. The LaVigne Life – Ohh Emm Gee! I love this family so much! This channel is Jerry LaVigne’s family vlog and I’ve loved this guy since his RIP Videos (which were beyond hilarious) but now he’s stopped the RIP Videos to become a family man and I love him even more! He has such a beautiful family and amazing friends that make his vlogs even more interesting and enjoyable. They are hilarious and lovable so I honestly do suggest that you watch these guys cause you WILL NOT regret it!


*Sigh*, yes we are at the end of the blog post :( But…don’t worry cause I’ve got another post coming your way in a bit and it has pictures! *happy dance*



the pink cheebra


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