Work Experience Week

Howdy y’all! It’s the pink cheebra!

Weird introduction, yes I know, it’s just that I realized that most of the time I tend to start my post with “So,” which is far from a good thing. Anyway, 2 weeks ago was my work experience week and I was working with Paradise Photography. The team there is ah-may-zing! I had so much fun with Christine, James and Frank that I was beyond mad when I sprained my ankle and couldn’t go to work. (Another story for another post..probably my next one)

In that week I learned way more than I could possibly imagine and it’s all been fun. Like honestly, I don’t think there has been a point where I was just there, being bored, watching wind move. (yes, boredom can be so serious that I see the wind) There wasn’t a dull moment with these guys and for that I’m grateful.

They taught me about the other side of photography that I didn’t know too much about which was the business side. A photographer is more than just someone who holds a camera and takes a pretty picture, they’re a sales person as well. They have to sell you their product and convince you that it is worth the buy, now that can be pretty easy when you’ve got good products, but if you don’t then good luck to ya!

Added bonus to learning from the team at Paradise Photography is knowing how to make people look slimmer and dealing with LIGHTING. I swear I probably sucked at lighting before James came along and taught me about it. In just an hour with him I’m sure I learned a whole text book and thanks to Frank and Christine, I’m a little bit more than just a beginner when it comes to editing my pictures. So I can honestly say I had a good time, I know the working world probably won’t be as perfect as that week was but at least I got to see the good side of things AND get free food :)

This is James :)
This is James :)
And Frank :)
And Frank :)
And finally, Christine :)
And finally, Christine :)

After a week of work experience, I was able to put my “photography skillage” to work in…..JAMAICA! I promise to post those pictures really soon. :)



the pink cheebra

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