Playing Tourist: Jamaica!

Hey darlings! So as you guys would have known from my last post, I got to celebrate Easter in Jamaica! It was my first time there (actually, I went there on a cruise ship before, but I don’t count that) and it was ahhh-mayyy-ziiing!
I had so much fun with my Uncle Allan and my cousin, Jewel; I had around 300 pictures in that entire week…not a lot, but when it comes to processing them it sure seems like that! Every picture, except for the ones with me in it, were taken by me :)
Well, since I’m such a sweetheart and I love all you guys I decided that I had to process them as soon as possible so I can post them for you all to see.

Uncle Allan and I went to Jamaica last Tuesday and we met up with Jewel. On Wednesday we went to the Bob Marley Museum which I LOVED! I had a great time touring Bob Marley’s actual house and I even got the chance to run up his stairs like he used to (he took 3 at a time to “keep the faith”) and let’s just say that I wasn’t too successful at that.



Since Friday was Good Friday, everywhere was closed so we decided that we should walk to this park near the Pegasus Hotel that Uncle Allan would not stop talking about. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Pegasus and walked back to our hotel.



Saturday we had to get up super mega early to get on the bus to go to Ocho Rios. When we got there, we went straight to Mystic Mountain where Uncle Allan thought that if he used his “Jamaican Accent” we would be able to get a discount. He even told the lady that when he went there last year, she told him she would give him a discount when he came back, but the funny thing was that the lady didn’t remember him. Why? Because the lady only started working there in JANUARY. Anyway, we went on the sky lift, Jewel and I did bobsledding twice; her and Uncle Allan screamed through it during the first time, however, I laughed and sang my way through it. Jewel was even brave enough to do zip-lining (Me and Uncle Allan did zip-lining before, so been there, done that and never wanted to go back).




Sunday was my last day in Jamaica as well as being Easter Sunday so we went to have dinner by my Aunt Monica’s house. I swear that she is growing every single plant that you can think of over there and the view was breath-taking. I even saw a couple humming birds but they were moving so fast that I didn’t even get the chance to take a picture of them :(







I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as enjoyed taking them and that your Easter was as great as mine!


the pink cheebra

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