Our Education System; good or bad?

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Our Education System

I interviewed 15 students, 1 graduate and 1 teacher. When asked the same set of questions each of them had a different reply and a different voice of opinions. 

Question: What do you think about your school and the system your teachers use? Is this system effective? How does it affect you? Person 1: "I think school could be better and I could get better grades but the way my school is, everything messes with my brain but at the same time I understand it. I wanna go to school and I wanna learn, but my teachers are crap." Person 2: "Its alright, like I'm learning but the way the teachers are teaching, it isn't effective. School is stressful but I'm grateful for it because it creates opportunities." Person 3: "It's ok but it needs improvement. It needs more interactive classes because personally, I learn better working with a partner. I can…

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