Last Day of Blogging Club

“Change is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it is always bad.” – the pink cheebra

*Beware of the sappy emotional post that follows*

Today is the last day I spend in Blogging Club *sigh*, yes, I’m about to leave the club that gave birth to the pink cheebra and honestly, I have to thank the head of our Blogging Club, Ms. Wilson, she is amazing and without her, this blog would be a mess :) (Click here to visit her blog).

It’s the end of the term for me (Next week I’m doing work experience in the area of photography), so that means that next term there will be a set of clubs for me to choose from. I’m not completely sure if I’ll do Blogging Club again, but never say never, right?

However, just because Blogging Club is ending doesn’t mean that this is gonna be my last post. I actually love my blog a lot and I especially love everyone who has supported me in it so far. I’m still gonna post regularly; I say “regularly” because I tried giving myself a date and time for when I’d post every week and that, obviously, has not worked. I won’t be forgetting about you guys though! On the 10th it will be 3 months since my first post and right now I’m on my 11th post, so we’re getting somewhere!

Like I said, this is just the beginning. Good things are to come, darlings!


the pink cheebra

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