Playing Tourist: My Day in Grand Turk & Salt Cay

Yesterday, my mom, her friend, her friend’s family, their friends and I went on a trip to Grand Turk and Salt Cay. Besides my mom and myself, it was everyone’s first time visiting these two islands so, of course, we had to take a tour. Before this trip, the longest I had ever spent on Salt Cay was about half an hour so I was beyond happy to visit the little island where two of my great-great grandparents came from. Also, in Grand Turk, when looking at it through the eyes of people who have never seen it before, I came to the realization that the beauty of anything is taken for granted when you’ve seen it so many times. So I’ve decided to share with you guys the beauty that I saw yesterday.

We started off our day with breakfast at the Osprey Beach Hotel in Grand Turk. The food and view were amazing and I especially loved how every chair in the restaurant had little shoes on the bottom of them.

IMG_6416       IMG_6421

IMG_6418       IMG_6417

Then came along our trip to the island of Salt Cay aka The Island That Time Forgot, with Oasis Divers on the boat called the “Prince of Whales” (Haha get it? Prince of WHALES…like the Prince of Wales? Haaahaaaa) and our Captains were Curtis and Jose :)

IMG_6536       IMG_6435

Our guide for the day was Candy and she is like a walking History book plus she’s super cool and funny (Click here to visit Candy’s Blog which is full of interesting things about TCI and Salt Cay in particular). She gave us such a great tour of the island.

IMG_6454       IMG_6471


 IMG_6470       IMG_6480

 IMG_6518       IMG_6533

I even got to see the house of my great grand aunt,where my mom used to visit during the summers when she was younger, the school on the island is even named after her.

IMG_6503       IMG_6494

After returning to Grand Turk and about 2 hours of rest, we were back onto another tour with the help of my Grandpa :)

My Mommy       IMG_6598

My Grandpa


IMG_6606       IMG_6615

It was beyond fun seeing the beauty that makes this country such a well known tourist attraction and my appreciation for my country has grown sooo much more. So wherever you’re at reading this post, take a look at the world around you, its better than you think.


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11 thoughts on “Playing Tourist: My Day in Grand Turk & Salt Cay

  1. This was an awesome blog…After reading this, I do hope that more people would take the time to visit and appreciate the natural beauty that these Islands have to offer…Keep blogging!

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